Curriculum Vitae

Name  :  Dr. Ritesh Gujarathi
Address  :  404, Siddhi Darshan Flats, Anand-Vidyanagar Road, Anand
Mobile No  :  9429930811
Fax No   :  -
E-Mail  :
Website  :
Date Of Joining  :  30 Jul 2008
Date & Place of Birth  :   26 Jun 1977     (Age:43)
Education  :   MD (Basic Principles), Ph. D(Ayu. Samhita Siddhanta)
Ph.D. : 2016 - Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune
Reg. No  :  GBI-21623
CCIM Code :  AYSS00737
Present Designation  :  READER
Experience  :  LECTURER:6 Years 10 months
 READER:7 years
Total Experience  :  13 Year(s)
Awards  :  1. 1st Prize for Oral Presentation @ National Seminar by Ayurveda Vyaspeeth(Dec.2013), Ahmedabad 2. 1st Prize for Oral Presentation @ National Seminar by Parul Institute of Ayurveda (Feb.2015), Vadodara
Academics  :
Books Published : 4 Article Published : 26
CME / Seminar Attended : 60 Paper / Poster Presentation : 8
Workshops Attended : 28 Resource Person : 46
Research Project Completed : 0  
Research Work  :  1. A Critical Study of Sanketmanjari Commentary on Ashtangahridaym. 2. An observational pilot study on the effect of Gomutra Haritaki, diet control and exercise in the management of Sthaulya (obesity)

101-Mar-2010ARTICLE Ayurved PatrikaShatavari - A boon for Women
201-Jan-2011ARTICLE Rasamruta Phytoestrogens – A boon for aging women
301-Jun-2012ARTICLE AyurvedamritamSanketamanjari – An unnoticed Manuscript on Ashtangahridayam
401-Jul-2012ARTICLE Deerghayu international journalHrasa hetu Viseshasch – An Important principle from Charak Samhita
501-Dec-2012ARTICLE World Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchMinimizing risk of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis through Shatavari - A clinical study.
601-Mar-2013BOOK Lambert Academic Publishing - Germany ISBN -978-3-659-34954-6Minimizing risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis through Asaparagus racemosus ( Shatavari )
701-Apr-2013ARTICLE Journal of Pharmaceutical and Scientific innovations. A Critical Review of Gomutra Haritaki Preparation Methods
801-May-2013ARTICLE International Journal of Pharmacy, biology and Allied sciences Managing Obesity Through Ayurveda
901-Jun-2013ARTICLE International Ayurvedic Medical Journal Understanding Karya Karana Vada in Ayurvedic Perspective
1001-Aug-2013ARTICLE Journal of Vishwa Ayurved ParishadRajaswala paricharya – menstrual taboos realistic or myth
1101-Sep-2013ARTICLE RasamrutaDesigner babies – Current trends & Ayurveda
1201-Jan-2014ARTICLE Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic MedicineGarbha Samskara : Prenatal Education – Concepts, Practices and Future trends
1301-Apr-2014ARTICLE Journal of Vishva Ayurved ParishadIndian and Global Scenario of Ayurveda: Reality Bites.
1401-Aug-2014ARTICLE Journal of Vishwa Ayurved Parishad,Rajaswala Paricharya : Menstrual taboos - Myths and Facts.
1501-Oct-2014ARTICLE NAMAHPrevention and Management of cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women through Ayurveda.
1601-Dec-2014ARTICLE AYU- An International Quarterly Journal of Research in AyurvedaAn observational pilot study on the effect of Gomutra Haritaki, diet control and exercise in the management of Sthaulya (obesity)
1701-Dec-2014BOOK Lambert Academic publishing – Germany. ISBN 978-3-659-64557-0 Concept and Applied Aspect Of Vishesha (The Variant Factor).
1801-Jan-2015ARTICLE World Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchCritical review of shaddharana yoga: a polyherbal formulation
1901-Jul-2015ARTICLE World Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchUnderstanding Of Diagnosis And Management Of Swine Flu Through Ayurveda
2001-Jul-2015ARTICLE NAMAHDiagnosis and Management of Anukta Vyadhi (Undescribed Diseases) Through Ayurveda
2101-Jan-2016ARTICLE V. VidyanagarGarbha Samskara
2201-May-2016ARTICLE Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic medicineUttarbasti In The Management Of Female Infertility W.S.R. To Anvoulation -Case Series
2318-Jan-2017ARTICLE NAMAHUpgrading Social health through Ayurveda:
2402-Dec-2017BOOK Guru Design ShopGarbha Samskara : Concept of Practices of Healthy Progeny as Envisaged in Ayurveda
2518-Dec-2017BOOK Oxford PublicationsA Critical Study of Sanket manjari Commentary on Ashtanghridayam
2622-Dec-2017BOOK Guru Design Garbha Samskara : Concept of Practices of Healthy Progeny as Envisaged in Ayurveda
2730-Dec-2017ARTICLE World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Prevention Against CVD, Osteoporosis And Carcinoma In Postmenopausal Women Through Phytoestrogen: A Review Study;
2814-Nov-2018ARTICLE World Journal of Pharmaceutical research Amenorrhoea an Ayurveda perspective
2914-Nov-2019ARTICLE International Ayurvedic Medical Journal Maintaining women health through Ayurveda : A review study