Curriculum Vitae

Name  :  Dr. Sarita Bhutada
Address  :  B-7, Ayurveda Staff Quarter, ADIT Campus, New Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand- 388121
Mobile No  :  9426185542
Fax No   :  -
E-Mail  :
Website  :  -
Date Of Joining  :  29 Dec 2014
Date & Place of Birth  :   21 Nov 1966     (Age:53)
Education  :   BAMS, MD, PhD
Ph.D. : 2011 - Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University
Reg. No  :  I-22163-A1
CCIM Code :  AYKS 00483
Present Designation  :  PROFESSOR
Experience  :  LECTURER:15 Years
 READER:8 Years
 PROFESSOR:5 yrs 1 month
Total Experience  :  27 Year(s)
Awards  :  Best Thesis Award for Ph.D in 2014 by IASTUM (International Association for Study of Traditional Asian Medicine). Cash prize of Rs. 21000. ? Late Pt. Suresh Chandra Sharma 2nd Best M.D. Thesis Award in Ayurveda Sharir 2000 by All India Sharir Research Institute, Lucknow in 2000 ? FIRST in the M.D.(Ayurved) Sharir Kriya, Final Exam of Pune University Oct.1997. ? Best Research Paper Award 2015, Title – “Advanced parameter of Sharir Varna for Kapha Doshaja Prakruti” ? First in Charak Samhita II in BAMS Examination 1988 ? Best Poster presentation at 2nd National Conference on Woman Health – ‘Challenges and Solution’28 - 29 Nov 2015, Pune
Academics  :
Books Published : 4 Article Published : 33
CME / Seminar Attended : 58 Paper / Poster Presentation : 19
Workshops Attended : 21 Resource Person : 18
Research Project Completed : 0  
Research Work  :  Prakriti Assessment, Panchabhautikatva, Guna Assessment

101-Sep-1993ARTICLE Vichar BhartiPranayam Ani Aapan
201-Nov-2000ARTICLE Vichar BhartiVaysan Mukti Abhiyan
301-Nov-2002BOOK Book of AbstractsAyurved, The only way to combat modern Life style
401-Mar-2003ARTICLE AyurbhartiAyurved, The only way to combat modern Life Diseases
501-Jan-2006ARTICLE 2nd WAC, PuneAarogya Sarvan Sathi Ayurved
601-Jan-2009ARTICLE Souvenier Global Ayurved CongressRelationship between Prakruti and success of marriage for Social Health
701-Oct-2010ARTICLE 4th WACRasayan for Paediatrics for Geriatrics
801-Jan-2011ARTICLE Program in Nursing (Ayurveda) for ANMS, IGNOU by AYUSHBook in Sharir Kriya for Theory and Practical for Certificate
901-Jan-2011ARTICLE IGNOUSkills in Ayurveda Nursing
1001-Sep-2011ARTICLE Swasthyam International ConferenceAyurvedic Cardiac physiology with special reference to types of Dosha and Dosha gunas
1101-Jan-2012ARTICLE Ayurved Galaxy ebookAyurvedic Cardiac physiology with special reference to types of Dosha and Dosha gunas
1201-Apr-2012ARTICLE E Journal Ayurved GalaxyConcept of blood pressure in Ayurvedic perspective
1301-Dec-2012ARTICLE 5th WACGradation Method-A new approach for Prakruti Assessment
1401-Jan-2013ARTICLE DirghayuRajswala paricharya
1501-Feb-2013ARTICLE Vishwayurved RajayuconRole of Rajaswala Paricharya in management of Menstrual Problems due to change in Lifestyle
1601-Mar-2013ARTICLE Ancient Science of LifeGradation method –A new approach for Prakruti Assessment
1701-Nov-2014ARTICLE 6th WACDiagramatic Presentation of Gurvadi Guna with special reference to Panchabhautikatva
1801-Nov-2014ARTICLE 6th WACRajaswala Paricharya: A solution to Primary Dysmenorrhoea
1901-Nov-2014ARTICLE 6th WACStudy of Pallitya in Doshaja Prakruti
2001-Feb-2015ARTICLE IOSRRajaswala Paricharya: Effect of Menstrual Cycle and its associated Symptoms
2101-Mar-2015ARTICLE Dirghayu InternationalAdvanced Parameter of Sharir Varna for Kapha Doshaja Prakruti
2201-Jun-2015ARTICLE  A survey Study of Palitya with respect to Doshaja Prakruti in Male
2301-Jun-2015ARTICLE Dirghayu InternationalCriticism of Shukra Dhatu as Pranayatana
2401-Jul-2015ARTICLE Research MatrixEffect Of Waste On Ecosystem: Ayurvedic Review
2501-Dec-2015ARTICLE Dirghayu InternationalStudy of Nidraphalshruti in relation with Panchatmak Vayu
2601-Dec-2015ARTICLE Dirghayu InternationalUnderstanding of Prana subtle in context with concept of Bala
2701-Jul-2016ARTICLE Abstract book in National Seminar on Ayurved in Contemporary Age, JamnagarConcept of life style disorder based on Tridosha
2801-Jul-2016ARTICLE IJIRMFConcept of Tridosha & Prakriti in relation with Life style Disorder
2901-Jul-2016ARTICLE IJIRMFLifestyle Medicine-An Adjuvant to Contemporary Medicine With Reference To Lifestyle Disorders
3001-Jul-2016ARTICLE IJIRMFConcept of Tridosha & Prakriti in relation with Life style Disorder
3102-Jan-2017BOOK Life Science Medical Publisher, MumbaiUnderstanding Dehaprakriti: Made Easy
3215-Aug-2018ARTICLE AYURVED AMRUTAM NEWS LETTERStudy of Jathragni and BMR in Pitta Prakriti Individuals
3301-Nov-2018ARTICLE WJPR Peer Reviewed Journal Assessment of Bahu and Validation of Pralamba Bahu in individuals of different Deha Prakriti
3401-Nov-2018ARTICLE WJPRAssessment of Bahu and Validation of Pralamba Bahu in individuals of different Deha Prakriti
3510-Oct-2019ARTICLE AYURVIDYA Magazine Understanding Lifestyle modification and Lifestyle medicine in terms of Prakriti – Need of Today
3605-Jan-2020ARTICLE Ayurved Vyaspeeth Kalyan & Maharashtra Council of Indian MedicinePreserving Women’s Beauty’